*most of the images shown on this site represent older work of mine and are all i was able to salvage after an external hard drive decided to die an ugly death. i am currently rebuilding my portfolio. if you would like to help me do that and get free portraits while you're at it, send me a message via the 'contact' or 'be my subject' pages.*
hello, and thank you for taking a minute to learn a little something about me and what i do. my name is robert, i'm  a former southern california portrait & lifestyle photographer who has made the move to southern oregon.
35 years ago i was lucky enough to discover my life's passion, photographing people. to me, photography is not a 'job', it's a passion. creating something which lifts people up and makes them feel good about themselves is something not a lot of people do these days. i take pride in my ability to do just that and have fun while doing it.
i'm sure you've noticed that i don't show pricing on this site. the reason for that is i don't know you, your budget, or what it is you're looking for in a portrait photographer. when you contact me, we'll talk about what it is you want, what kind of extras, if any, you're looking for (digital only, prints, books, etc), and what your budget is. i have never, and will never, turn down a potential client because they can't afford my services and am more than willing to work with any budget. every human being on this planet deserves to feel good about themselves and be proud of the images we've created together.
thank you again for visiting my site. once you're ready, click the 'contact' tab and let's get this process started. i look forward to meeting you.
robert @ stone parrish photography
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